About Us

CCHO is a healthcare consultancy firm with a unique business model. It is the first center for HEOR (Health Economics and Outcome Research) dedicated for the MENA region. It provides market access, health economics and research services for public and private sectors in the healthcare industry.

Based in Beirut, Lebanon, CCHO combines both local knowledge and more than 20 years of international expertise in pharmaceutical industry and public health. Its team is made up of a multidisciplinary network of field specialists and leading policy analysts, economists, epidemiologists, clinicians and academics.


Evidence-based Decision making for Better and Affordable Healthcare


Develop strategic solutions, educate, and generate robust evidence to demonstrate the value of medical technologies and healthcare programs for all stakeholders


Our internal company culture of academic rigor and commercial excellence are vital to how we work with and help clients.  Accordingly, our company is funded on three main values:
Respect, Integrity and Accountability