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CCHO Lectures at the Institute of Public Health at St. Joseph University

On February 22nd, 2017, CCHO sponsored the ISSP, Institute of Public Health at St. Joseph University event. A scientific presentation entitled” New Challenges of Healthcare Systems: Impact on Quality and Performance” and animated by Dr. Dabbous, highlighted the new challenges governments are facing worldwide: mainly the rising cost of innovative health technology. These confrontations are specifically faced in oncology, orphan, and chronic diseases.  He also elaborated the new trends shaping the systems worldwide as HTA units and their roles in informing policy makers and payers, and the BIG data paralleled with the digital health.

The presentation was very rich and exciting.  By the end of the talk, participants representing officials and professionals from different healthcare institutions and universities in Lebanon, debated over several healthcare decision making policies and processes. Some discussions were on: payment models and rewards, capping policies, patients’ engagement role, healthcare data generation and availability, quality measures, and other. This left the audience with a lot of thought provoking messages and ideas to help initiate the examination on healthcare access, cost, and quality.

The conference was followed by a reception at the Medical Faculty Campus.