Case Simulation: Budget Impact

Client Objective:

To understand the budget impact of a new health technology innovation for a selected type of cancer to payers in Lebanon


Conduct systematic literature review to inform the model/ Collaborate  with physician key opinion leaders to adapt/build an Excel-based model calculating the budget impact on the new health technology under various scenarios

Compare the current landscape without the new technology to the future landscape with the new technology

Allow for varying clinical and economic inputs to determine the range of the impact

Utilize current Lebanese price lists and costs from Lebanese datasets

Measure the various economic outcomes important to payers such as total budget impact and the per patient budget impact per month and per year

Key Deliverables:

A user-friendly, multi-sheet, Excel-based budget impact model tool for accessing the new health technology impact under scenarios relevant to the technology developer for strategic purposes and to payers for formulary decision purposes.

A report on the budget impact of the new health technology based on the analysis from the budget impact model.  The report is appropriate for inclusion into the brand value dossier.

A possible Manuscript for publication in peer-reviewed journal and abstracts to submit to ISPOR

Audience: Clinicians, policy community, public& private payers