Innovative Pricing & Risk Sharing Agreements


Commercial contracting and Risk Sharing Schemes (RSS) , also known as Managed Entry Agreements (MEAs) are increasingly important for pharmaceutical companies. Resolving payer uncertainty around the affordability and value of innovative drugs – especially in high cost or rare disease areas – is key to optimizing price and access outcomes. CCHO Consultants have been involved in the design and implementation of MEAs for many years. This unique experience informs the consulting frameworks and decision support models that we use to help clients screen, evaluate, develop and implement MEA options. We help clients build their internal capabilities in this area through benchmarking programmes, negotiation training and the development of internal toolkits.

CCHO Solution approach:

  • Option evaluation: CCHO conducts a primary and secondary research on the brand to advise on the best Relevant scheme types – performance vs finance – Impact and risk analysis – impact on cost – impact on revenues and profit – financial and corporate risk – implementation risk.
  • Concept development: Concept development – cost effectiveness – data/software requirements – funding flows – support tools/systems – administrative burden – integration with existing activities – Concept testing – Submission strategy – Implementation planning
  • Finalization & implementation: Submission to authorities – feasibility of use – impact on cost effectiveness – Detailed tool and system specification and development – Software development – Protocol development – Training and SOPs – Communication planning.
  • Data collection: Registries for individual programs to be submitted to authorities and to address the unmet need to data and real world evidence.