Payer Negotiation Skills

Communicating product value requires an understanding of payer clinical and economic requirements in evaluating new technologies.  Affiliate teams need to understand the payer decision making process and how to effectively communicate with payers.  Developing constructive responses to payer objections requires skills and tools to successfully negotiate price and market access.

We work closely with our clients to develop a focused value proposition that tests the impact on market access strategies and tactical negotiation planning.   Our services assist clients present the value of their services by way real world situations:

  • Training Programs: Our team can systematize product workshops focused on value based arguments and evidence, from a global point of view or detailed affiliate specific propositions.
  • Tendering Process –Guidance on navigating price, supply guarantee, contracting policies and related considerations in negotiating tenders across regional or national agencies
  • Payer Negotiations Skills
  • Training and role-playing workshops recreated in a realistic environment designed to facilitate learning and validate different negotiation strategies and tactics
  • Preparing Payers with historical information
  • Developing scenarios with different Payer archetypes (therapeutic value, budget and HTA-focused)
  • Creating strategies based upon GVD
  • Evaluating challenges, reactions and preplanning action plans
  • Mock negations, role playing and tactical response techniques
  • Payer Objection Handler
  • Development of evidence ‘Play Book’ responses to payer challenges to value proposition addressing the weaknesses in the story to effectively handle difficult questions from payers