MS in Business: HEOR & Managed Entry Agreements

Mr. Proach is an experienced reimbursement specialist providing strategic planning and tactical implementation for pharmaceutical products, medical devices and diagnostics. He has over 25 years of experience in healthcare, holding various positions in product marketing and management at companies such as Warner Lambert and the Hospital Satellite Network. At Pearson Professional, he was the Executive Vice President for Churchill Communications and was fundamental contributor in establishing Churchill Health Economics Group.

He has developed and implemented numerous global reimbursement strategies for pharmaceutical and medical device products. His plans included value strategy programs, demonstrating economic value for inpatient technologies.

He has petitioned Medicare for new technology add-on payments. He sponsored applications for new procedure codes. Then, created the Value Demonstrator concept for creating and validating value messages for negotiation support efforts.

His most recent position was Senior Vice President at Market Access Solution, LLC. There, he led the PRMA practice area for both the US and UK offices.

Mr. Proach holds a BS degree in Education and an MS degree in Business from New York University.