The Center of Clinical, Health Economics and Outcomes Research

is a data-driven, relationship-focused and patient-centric consultancy dedicated to improving healthcare in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). We specialize in pharmaceutical market access, real world evidence (RWE). and health economics and outcomes research (HEOR).

We are the only company that utilizes our proprietary unique business model, bolstered by nationally-recognized researchers, to address the MENA region’s most critical healthcare problems using evidence-based solutions.

Operating in different areas in the Middle East, CCHO combines local knowledge with 20 years of international expertise in the pharmaceutical industry and public health sector. Our team consists of a multidisciplinary network of field specialists leading policy analysts, economists, epidemiologists, clinicians and academics.

Having an office in the Middle East is not enough.

At CCHO, we live by the tagline “Local insight. Global impact.”  For over 20 years, our network of highly-trained, regionally-recognized and multi-lingual researchers have worked to address the most pressing problems in MENA healthcare and pharmaceutical market access


CCHO brings clarity to your research in the Middle East. We understand – in fact, we LIVE – the MENA healthcare landscape, market access hurdles, payer requirements, and patient needs. Our well-respected team includes a multidisciplinary network of field specialists, policy analysts, economists, former payers, epidemiologists, clinicians and academicians, all of whom have a deep understanding of industry drug development and commercialization demands.


At CCHO, we lead with credibility. Our experts use scientifically robust methodologies combined with a deep understanding of the target audience – clinicians, payers, patients or policy-makers – to give you confidence in our research quality, transparency, and impact.


The CCHO network is deep and broad across the MENA region. We have exceptional connections with local and regional market payers, academic institutions, healthcare systems, country-level policymakers, and patient advocacy organizations. These connections facilitate culturally-sensitive insights, enable better decision-making, and speed up research timelines.


Solving today’s healthcare challenges demands collaboration. CCHO’s Research Partnership Methodology is a proprietary approach based on the scientific method to drive successful and sustainable relationships, while respecting cultural, individual and business boundaries. No other healthcare consultancy provides this level of multidisciplinary collaboration in the MENA region.

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